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We pride ourselves on avoiding the fad “cookie cutter” meal plans. No one likes to feel like they are "on a diet." At Jacobs Fitness, we use a macro based flexible dieting approach, which unlike stereotypical restrictive diets, gives you the freedom to include your favorite foods, while still hitting your target macros. Variety is the key to long-term dietary adherence, so you will have the flexibility to choose from different protein, carb, and fat sources, and not feel like you are eating the same boring meals, day in and day out.

With your plan, I will teach you what macros are, how to track macros, how to set up your meals, tips and tricks for cooking and everything in between. Every client’s plan is customized to them and their goals and is continuously updated based on the individual’s metabolic adaptation and body’s response. I require weekly check ins for accountability and keep in close communication with you to help every step of the way. You're never alone!

What's Included:

  • Macro-Based Nutrition Plan

  • Educational tools to learn what macros are, how to track, meal breakdown guidelines, food source lists, etc

  • Weekly Check Ins/Updates & Adjustments

    Made Accordingly To Guide You Toward Your Goals

  • Measurements/Progress Tracking

  • On Going Accountability & Support

  • Lifestyle Factors: Digestion, Water, Sleep, Stress Management, Mindset, etc

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