Movement Fundamentals Program

Unlock Your True Strength: Master Your Breath, Transform Your Fitness

Breathe, Move, Excel: Take Control of Your Training Journey Today!

Regardless if you are new to strength training or a seasoned vet...we are all guilty of diving into a new fitness program with a full head of steam, pushing as hard as we can, until we burn out, aches and pains get the best of us, or a nagging injury rears its ugly head.

Most programs skip the fundamentals that can be the difference between consistently pursuing and REACHING your goals, or being constantly stopped in your tracks, forced to take time off, and starting over, again and again.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

Want different results?

You might have to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. Does that mean completely changing your programming? Changing your goals? Going harder? Nope, not at all.

Many of us continuously fall into the same traps that hold us back from long term results.

  • Dissociating or checking out during our training...losing our body awareness.

  • Increasing intensity too fast...with the all-or-nothing mindset.

  • Not listening to your body, either going hard or going home...

  • Skipping the basics because we see them as "too simple."

And simply shifting your perspective, prioritizing a few basic training fundamentals, and actually being able to consistently show up every day and every week, can make all the difference in achieving the goals you've been trying to reach for years.

Take A Step Back To Propel Yourself Forward

What to Expect From The Movement Fundamentals Program

Fundamental Movement Skills

Learn these basic principles to work smarter AND harder, without sacrificing efficiency or recovery, with ANY program & ANY training style. Reach your goals FASTER, stay consistent, and maintain your results.

Efficient Breathing Patterns

Experience the physical, physiological, & psychological benefits of improving your breathing patterns. Balance your body & your mind from the inside, out!

Full Body Mobility Basics

Improve hip & shoulder mobility long term with these staple techniques while also balancing your nervous system and your movement. Become more resilient to the stress in the gym AND in your daily life.

Strength Training Foundations

Employ subtle cues of function & form that will make your strength training more efficient and more effective. Get stronger, add more muscle, but taking care of your body along the way!

Implementing these practices has helped me control and tighten my waist more than vacuums ever did. It's honestly mind blowing that you can improve shoulder and hip mobility, posture, AND strength training with these simple breathing and moving strategies. My squats and deadlifts have improved IMMENSELY!

Sarah Ford Bishop

After working though this program, I feel like I have been deadlifting wrong for an entire year, because my lower back has always been sore and I've never felt it in my glutes like this! If you're looking to learn and understand how to achieve your goals in the most efficient way, look no further!

Wes King

I just feel healthier. I used to have constant shoulder and back aches. Once I started implementing these ideas, my days are pain free, and if something starts to bother me after a long day at work or a hard training session, I have tools to help. I have better focus with clearer thought processes at work. I'm killing it!

Cory Sayles

What Does Each Phase Cover?


Lay The Foundation: Introduction To Breathing, Body Awareness & Mobility

Breathing Patterns - De-stressing, Decompressing, and Diaphragmatic Breathing Strategies

Foot Contacts & Awareness

Core Resilience, Spine & Hips

Shoulder Mobility & Stability Solutions

Squatting Basics


Building Blocks & Connecting The Dots: Strength Training & Movement Basics

Squatting & Hinging Basics

Improving Your Shoulder & Hip Mobility

Layering Breathing & Mobility Basics Into More Complex Movements

Building Your Mind To Muscle Connection For Better Body Awareness & Movement


Sharpen Your Tools With Simple Principles: Advancing Strength & Mobility

Breathing, Posture, & Bracing

Advancing Your Shoulder & Hip Mobility

Taking Your Stacking to the Next Level for Improved Strength Training

Advancing Squatting & Hinging Technique

FAQ For More Info!

Where Do I Start?

Even if you are a more experienced lifter, many "old school" programs, educational models, and even fitness/exercise-focused academic degrees do not currently include the foundational ideas available in Phase 1 & Phase 2. There are gold nuggets to help you throughout all three phases so we highly recommend starting from Phase 1, Day 1 to get the most out of this complete program. You might spend less time in the early phases, but the information within them is vital to your application, progress, and gains during the later phases!

The full bundle is available at a discounted rate at checkout! Just add the other two to your cart and see the price drop!

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How Will I Access The Program?

You will have lifetime access to your program on our Jacobs Fitness App, as well as access to all of the free programs on there! The Jacobs Fitness App is available in the Apple Store as well as the Google Play Store.

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What Will I Need? Equipment, Time, Frequency?

For Phase 1 & Phase 2, all you will need is roughly 30-45 minutes a day, 3X/week, your body weight, a small foam roller, a pair of squat wedges, & a light kettlebell or dumbbell. These can definitely be done at home if you have the gear.

For Phase 3, you will need roughly 45-60 minutes a day, 3X/week, a pair of squat wedges, a bench, and some light KBs or DBs, & access to an adjustable cable machine.

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What Is The Format Of The Program?

For Phases 1 & 2 there is a mix of conceptual/informational videos and exercises to implement.

For Phase 3, there is a considerable amount of written instructions in the notes and exercise explanations in the videos included, but unlike Phase 1 & Phase 2, these sessions will be mostly movement, rather than instructional videos.

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Are These Stand Alone Programs Or Supplemental?

For Phases 1 & 2, you can use this as a stand-alone introductory fitness program or a supplemental program for ANY current program that you are doing, regardless of your goals. These ideas will help you sharpen your skills for your current training or get you set up to advance your progress within Phase 3, and beyond, in future programs.

The Phase 3 program is more of a stand-alone program than Phase 1 & 2, but based on your experience/fitness level, could still be used as a supplemental mobility program or active recovery/technique work for more advanced lifters.

These programs are meant to flow right from one phase to the next for the best results. The phases are 4 weeks each, but we highly recommend continuing each phase for as long as you need to master the concepts. You will have these programs for life so we also recommend revisiting these sessions as active recovery or mobility sessions as you advance your programming in the future.

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Your Movement Transformation:

One 30-minute Session At A Time!

These three program phases are for sale separately, and we highly recommend starting at Phase 1, regardless of your experience level, to get the most out of the process.

You can also bundle all three phases at a very discounted rate. Just add them all to your cart and watch the price drop!

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